I Am The One For You

Hoo, Hoo, I am the one for you

The possibilities are endless
The number of things that you could do to me
Baby you could drive me senseless
Make me what you want me to be

[Bridge 1]
'Cos you take me to the highest mountain
Take me to the deepest sea
You can't get enough of my kind of love
You're really doing something to me

I am the one for you
Nothing that you or anybody else can do (Hoo)
I am the one for you
Am I getting through getting through to you?

My mind's been working overtime
Thinking of ways I'm gonna get to you
Rain or shine you will be mine
And you know it'll be soon

[Bridge 2]
'Cos I'll give you love that you never dreamed of
I'll give you that and even more
Face up to the fact
It's time to react
You'll be giving like never before

[Repeat Chorus]

Hoo, Hoo, Hoo, Hoo

[Repeat Bridge 1]
[Repeat Chorus three times to fade]


  • Written by: Harding / Curnow / Minogue
  • Produced by: Phil Harding & Ian Curnow

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