The colours I see looking in your eyes
Colours of the universe in the way they shine
Everything's so surreal when you're close to me
My soul just finds it hard, we were meant to be

Oh, there's only ever so many hours in the day
There's only so many notes that you can play
But when I'm with you
Time is never ending with the music that we make

You are my harmony
Viewpoint to my melody
You mean everything to me
Oh you my harmony

The heavens are smiling every time we kiss
Ooh, and nothing ever came so close to heaven as this

[Repeat Bridge]
[Repeat Chorus]

And it makes my heart sing
Ooh, it's the best thing
When I am with you

Viewpoint to my (melody)
You mean every (thing to me) thing to me
Oh you my harmony

[Repeat Chorus twice to fade]


  • Written by: Kylie Minogue / Steve Anderson

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