Eyes On You

[Verse 1]
Her name was Lucy
She was still young
She had a hairband and her brother's trainers on
Her name was Charlotte
She had it all
She had a broken heart but wanted to be strong

[Bridge 1]
We start a story
We fall in love
We make a plan and then we worry that it's wrong
But when you're ready
To brush it off
There will be no more need to worry when we've gone

[Chorus 1]
Down by the river
Where our hearts feel no shame
'Cause we danced it away in the blue
Down by the river
We were never afraid
'Cause we're stronger for facing the truth

[Repeat Chorus 1]

[Verse 2]
His name was Paddy
He did no wrong
And all the same, he never felt like he belonged
But in his bedroom
He wrote a song
That made a million people feel like they were one

[Bridge 2]
We look for magic
Between the stars
We hope to find it 'til the light gets in our eyes
Forever foolish
Forever young
And it's just carved into the tree under the sun

[Chorus 2]
Down by the river
They can dance all of their cares away
No-one knows their names
Down by the river
We can wash all of our secrets away
Wash away

[Repeat Chorus 2]

[Repeat Chorus 1]
[Repeat Chorus 2]
[Repeat Chorus 1]
[Repeat Chorus 2]


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