Did It Again

Clever girl
Think you are, but you think too much
Shut down, turn around
Don't look that way any more

Clever girl
Think you know, but you don't know much
Try to make a move
Go to a different door

[Bridge 1]
You know it's all in your head
You better put that business to bed
By your fair hands of design
You met with the monster in your mind

You did it again
You did it again
Won't you listen to me
When I'm telling you
It's no good for you?

Clever girl
Think you're right, but what's right from wrong?
Little Miss Genius
You make it hard on yourself

Clever girl
You've got it all, but you're all messed up
Time now turn around
Move onto something else

[Bridge 2]
You know it's all in your head
You'd better put that business to bed
What you see nobody sees
It only brings you to your knees

[Repeat Chorus twice]

[Repeat Bridge 1]
[Repeat Chorus three times]

Oh oh, oh oh


  • Written by: Kylie Minogue / Steve Anderson / David Seaman
  • Produced by: Brothers in Rhythm for DMC

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