[Verse 1]
1, 2, 3, 4, 5
The years just tick on by
Can’t help but reminisce
I wanna steal another kiss
Lovestruck boy and girl
Takin’ on the world
Two diamonds in the rough
When did we grow up?

[Bridge 1]
Give me just a little taste
I just want the feeling
Dancing under neon lights
We were never leaving
Drinking the bar dry
Glitter in our eyes
I just want some more of that

More of that slow dance, your hands
Wrapped around my waist
No plans, we’d stand
Kissing in the rain
If I could stop time, rewind
The day that you walked away
Re-write yesterday
Oh oh oh oh oh
Rewind it, re-write it
Oh oh oh oh oh
Rewind it, re-write it

[Verse 2]
Some fell hard from grace
Others stay the same
Happy ever after
You had all the answers

[Bridge 2]
Bodies moving in the dark
Dancing in the hallways
Breaking rules, being fools
I just wanna replay
Give me that spark
Light my bonfire heart
I just want some more of that

[Repeat Chorus]

[Middle 8]
Memories and regrets
We turned the page
But I can’t forget
Let’s walk the line
Back to the past
One more time
Let's make it last

[Repeat Chorus twice]


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