A Rose is a Rose

[Verse 1]
Take my hand
I was fertile with a moment
When you asked me to dance
For love to last
I wanna tell you all my secrets
So you understand

Come on over my side of town
We can get lost in the sound
I know you see it in my eye, eye
Can you feel the energy?
This could be destiny
Jump in the deep end
Let go and feel it

Oh, this is nothing new
Talking about my love for you
Ooh, you need to know the truth
That a rose is a rose
Oh, I got so much to say
Nothing is ever gonna change
Say you love me anyway
'Cause a rose is a rose
'Cause a rose is a rose
A rose is a rose
A sentimental feeling
Never stop me dreaming, ah-ha

[Verse 2]
Take (take) my hand (my hand)
What I feel and what I want
Is more than modern romance
For love (love) to last (to last)
All the petals may have fallen
But we're still gonna dance, ah

[Repeat Bridge]
[Repeat Chorus]

[Middle 8]
Love should be one long love affair
See it's true, me and you, oh
So, let the flower grow everywhere

[Repeat Chorus]


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