Sad Songs

[Verse 1a]
I was danger, I was a danger to me
Like a stranger, I was always missing the beat

[Verse 1b]
Now all the time you got me thinkin' 'bout dancin'
The way I'm feeling, it's out of my hands, and
It's like you're reading my mind, got me out of that mess
It's a beautiful sadness

Sad songs they bring me back to you
Sometimes I cry the whole way through
Even when I know you're mine, I fall for every line
'Cos sad songs they always tell the truth

[Verse 2]
Full of wonder, the heart is such a mystery
Since I met you, somebody's words are talking to me

Now every time they're on repeat
I think about you and the sea

[Repeat Chorus]
[Repeat Verse 1b]

[Middle 8]
I just can't get enough
It's only 'cos I'm in love

[Repeat Chorus]
(Sad songs they always tell the truth)
Sad songs they always tell the truth


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