Tears Will Dry

[Verse 1]
It's another brand new day
But it feels like nothing's changed
Your love life's in tatters
Nothing else matters
Except the sunshine, moonbeams, anything to make it seem better
Like before, when the whole world felt like yours
Better, but that was before

I will wipe away your satin tears
So let them roll down baby
I'm the one you will allay your fears
Go ahead cry, baby cry
Oh oh oh oh oh
Go ahead cry, baby cry
Those tears will dry

[Verse 2]
You feel deserted and so alone
You don't wanna show your face
You hide in the darkness
Never felt like this
You're in so much pain
Like you'll never be the same way again
That depends, you can change your destiny
It'll get better, put your trust in me

[Repeat Chorus]

[Middle 8]
I wanna share all that I know
and give you time to let it grow
I wanna know the deepest part of your soul

[Repeat Chorus]


  • Written by: Seton Daunt / Ash Howes / Kylie Minogue / Carl Ryden / Richard Stannard

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