Dance Floor Darling

[Verse 1]
Where you running?
Come and feel my loving
Want you in the worst way
It ain't even your birthday
Back to midnight
Promise you a good time
Be those party people
We bumping at the disco

Would you be
Would you be
Would you be
My dance floor darling?
You and me
You and me
You and me
Let's dance till morning

And wake up feeling no regrets
Gonna make sure that your body won't forget
'Cos the night ain't even over yet
Gonna take you where the music never ends
My dance floor darling

[Verse 2]
Rock 'n rolla
Bring your body closer
Shake it on the floor now
Like Studio '54 now
Why you waiting?
It's not complicated
Move it left to right
We're doing the electric slide

[Repeat Bridge with added 'I wanna know']
[Repeat Chorus]

(Oh I)
(Oh I) My dance floor darling

So what you waiting for?
Get up on the floor (yeah)
Say what you waiting for?
Get up on the floor (yeah)
1-2-3-4 (no regrets)

(You're my dance floor darling)
Baby gonna make you feel alright
(Gonna make you dance gonna make you dance)
('Cos I love the way you rock your body right)
'Cos you're my dance floor darling darling
(Yes Kylie baby baby baby come on, Kylie baby
To the break of dawn, Kylie baby
Break of dawn, Kylie, Kylie)
You got it baby
(Shoo-do-do baby baby baby come on)


  • Written by: Kylie Minogue / Sky Adams / Maegan Cottone / Linslee Campbell
  • Produced by: Sky Adams

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