Raining Glitter


[Verse 1]
Every day's the same
Feeling every shade of grey
Playing by the rules when you wanna be led astray
Gonna miss that train, don't take me home
I've got all I need right here
Soaking up the sound, gonna wash it all away

Raining glitter down on us tonight
Covering us all in magic
Never even seen them stars so bright
As the look in your eyes
Raining glitter down on us tonight
No more hiding in the shadows
Ooh, you look like diamonds in the light
Everybody put your hands up to the sky
And let it rain


[Verse 2]
We can let it rain
Let it rain down silver and gold
We all want the same
Yeah we're looking for that hand to hold
And a stolen kiss that feels so good
That it might just change your world
You can call us fools, but these dreams will never get old

[Repeat Chorus]

[Middle 8]
This is what it's about
Never stop
Say my name, hold me tight
In the drop
'Cause we're not, no we're not giving up
On love

[Repeat Chorus]

Baby let it rain


  • Written by: Kylie Minogue, Eg White, Mark Taylor and Alex Smith
  • Produced by: Eg White, Mark Taylor and Alex Smith

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