Live a Little

[Verse 1]
Last night was a fight
Couldn't get things of my mind
Though it felt like I was in the ring
Slept by candle light
Scared of running out of time
I wanna do all those little things

I wanna
Pack up
Set myself a sail
New life
Never gonna fail
No matter what stands in my way
I wanna
Find love
Make a great escape
Get lost
Get away from everyone who tells me it's too late

(Cause whoa) At the end of the day
There ain't no stopping me now
(Whoa) I'll do whatever it takes
You'll never keep it down
(Whoa) Make another mistake
It's only about, it's all out
(Whoa) So get ready to dance
(And live a little)

[Verse 2]
Mom, Dad don't be sad
One day we'll look back and laugh
Crying all the memories we've missed
Time's like sinking sand
Catch it with the other hand
Keep it for the moments just like this

[Repeat Bridge]
[Repeat Chorus]

(Whoa oh) Oh oh, yeah!
(Whoa oh) (And live a little)
(Whoa oh) Oh oh, yeah!
(Whoa oh) (And live a little)

[Middle 8]
When friends come and go
This family is stone
You'll always be with me no matter where I go
Wherever we are
Just look to the stars
And know that you're forever shining in my heart

[Repeat Chorus]
[Repeat Post-Chorus]


  • Written by: Kylie Minogue, Danny Shah and Sky Adams
  • Produced by: Sky Adams

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