A Lifetime to Repair

[Verse 1]
Cupid don't love me like he used to do
'Cause I'm broken-hearted way too soon
I let my guard down
A devil's gone and left me a bruise, mmm
Rocks at the bottom, will I try again?
Romeo still lives in my head
Thought I would settle down
When happy ever after'd been said, mmm

6-5-4-3 too many times I wish I'd never cared
Been torn and twisted, oh I swear
Too many nights, crying that it's not fair
If I get hurt again
I'd need a lifetime to repair
I'd need a lifetime to repair
I'd need a lifetime to repair

[Verse 2]
They told me stories and they got me good
Who's sayin' fairytales aren't true?
If he saves me from the dragon
Well for that lovin', I'd be a fool, mmm
I'd overlook the stupid things he does
Straight up forgive him when he's wrong
When he's fallen off the wagon
We'll still dance to our favourite slow song, mmm

[Repeat Chorus]

[Middle 8]
They say that love is everywhere
But it's a game of truth or dare
Gimme that guarantee and I'll be there
Heaven knows I tried my best
Now I'm swimming in a sea of loneliness
Wanna take that chance
I wanna say yeah

[Repeat Chorus without 6-5-4-3]


  • Written by: Kylie Minogue, Sky Adams, Danny Shah and Kiris Houston
  • Produced by: Sky Adams

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