Sleeping With the Enemy


I don't think you know that I hear you
That you've been talking in your sleep
You've been saying crazy things, yeah
As it all unfolds I get a clear view
Of what you've been doing to me
You've been lying through your teeth
And it makes me want to scream

It's like I don't know who you are
Feels like a dagger in my heart
Suddenly now it seems
I'm sleeping with the enemy
Can't stop replaying the words you said
You're like a stranger in my bed
Suddenly now it seems
I'm sleeping with the enemy

What is it she does that I don't do?
Is she far more beautiful?
Does she make you feel at home?
Was it not enough, that I love you?
But you've been giving her your kiss
And it almost makes me sick
That I have to hear like this

[Repeat Chorus]

[Repeat Chorus]


  • Written by: Claude Kelly / Greg Kurstin
  • Produced by: Greg Kurstin

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