Love Love Love

There's a voice in my head
Saying don't fall in love
If you don't want a broken heart
So I asked myself, the simple question
Should I stop before I start?
It could be wrong, but it feels so right
I'm a sucker for romance
Should I follow my heart, or follow my head?
Should I jump and take the chance?

It's just that
Love, love, love
Doesn't know reason
Love, love, love
Doesn't know its name
Love, love, love
I still gotta believe in
Love, love, love
Just don't go away, don't go away

There's a beat in my heart
And it's calling your name
And I just can't cut it out
But in a matter of time, will it still be the same?
Can I override the doubt?
I want it to be like it is in the movies
Big like the big, big screen
I'm looking for love, I want it so much
I wanna live the dream

[Repeat Chorus]

It's old news for the broken hearted
[Repeat 8 times]

[Repeat Chorus]

It's old news for the broken hearted
[Repeat to fade]


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