Everything Is Beautiful

Beautiful, Beautiful

I'm losing my way in this night
Walking away from the light
Surrender will be my escape
Breaking the walls of my mind

I'm one step ahead of truth
I hear what I want to hear
And I hear you

And if I lie with you long enough
I can see the things I'm dreaming of
Let's go through the ritual
Until everything is beautiful

Beautiful, Beautiful

Learning a taste for this high
For bending the rules of what's right
For fooling myself feels so sweet
Reality looks black and white

Pulling the rip cord I dive
It's a cardboard kingdom
But it makes me feel like

[Repeat Chorus]

Beautiful, Beautiful

And now I'm traveling at such blissful speed
No need to think at this velocity
The things I fear begin to fade to black
Now I've found my map and I won't go back

[Repeat Chorus twice]

Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful


  • Written by: Fraser T Smith / Tim Rice-Oxley
  • Produced by: Fraser T Smith

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