Love Attack

Are you feeling it?
I've got you, where I want you
You're looking like, we're looking at you
So tell me, where you want me
How to act, love attack, such a different you
Take your time now, get your mind out
Honey, I can't believe it
So divine now, getting high now
So good I don't wanna leave it

Help me, it's a love attack
I'm never going back
Babe, look what you done to me
Slow down 'cos you're going way too fast
I'm high, riding on your luck
I'll never get enough
Seems like all my fears
Gone away, gone away
I feel safe (so safe)
There's nothing left to lose

[Repeat Verse]

[Repeat Chorus twice]

Gone away, gone away
I feel safe (so safe)


  • Written by: Kylie Minogue / Richard Stannard / Adam Wiles

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