Fragile seams
I opened up too quick and all my dreams
Were walking out I'd slowly
Lost my fire
With every single man a river cried

I had no sensation
Completely numb, left with no satisfaction
I thought no-one could ever get me high again
I swear, I was not looking

Oh, waited so long
I thought the real thing was a fake
I thought it was a tool to break me down
You proved me wrong again

If love were liquid it would drown me
In a placeless place would find me
In a heart shape come around me and then
Melt me slowly down
If love were human it would know me
In a lost space come and show me
Hold me and control me and then
Melt me slowly down
Like chocolate

Tastes so good
My heart's been mended who'd have thought it would
An empty bet and still I won the cash
A man who I love and who
Loves me back

Oh, waited so long
For love to heal me so I'd feel it
Thought it wasn't breathing then you came
You proved me wrong again

[Repeat Chorus twice]

Like chocolate come here
Zoom in, catch the smile
There's no doubt it's from you
And I'm addicted to it now

[Ludacris in Rap Version]
Let me take you to a place far beyond
In a whole 'nother galaxy
Travel in your mind, explore your sexuality
Melt your imagination and mold it into reality
Your heart's my art gallery, girl
Can you feel the pictures that I painted?
'Cause all of 'em are related
Like a mother to a son, but none of 'em overrated
'Ain't no others you the one, our destiny is to make it
Got to thank you just for sharin' your words
It's so real and inspirational
No reason for thinkin' that I'm incapable
Of taking on the duty of makin' you interchangable
The thought is sensational, it's perfect bliss
I'm ready to take the milky way to your Hershey's kiss
You know my tongue's got batteries in it
The bedroom, we lose calories in it
Start families in it
Don't worry 'cause the situation's under control
Peep this, Ludacris down with Kylie Minogue

[Non-Rap Version]
Just one look boy to melt me down
Just one heart here to save me now
Your candy kisses are sweet I know
Hold me tight baby don't let go
[Repeat x3]

[Repeat Chorus twice]


  • Written by: Karen Poole / Johnny Douglas
  • Produced by: Johnny Douglas for Wax Assassins Inc.

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