I'm Ready

We can drown any rumours 'bout winners and losers saying "I ain't ready for that"
When the love needs to grow and the world wants to know, we gotta keep it under your hat

Sometimes those close to you
Find it hard to feel your pain
Sometimes you wanna surrender
But you say here I come again

I'm the survivor
Even denier
I felt compassion even with knives in my back
But you know it ain't over
When you feel the tears dry
You can laugh at the clouds in the sky and they don't seem so black
I believe in the love that you gave and I'm ready for that

(I'm a survivor, I felt compassion, I'm a survivor, you can laugh at the clouds in the sky and it don't seem so bad)

Feelings gone and fast then it's suddenly back you were over and now you're a queen
You forget who you are for they made you a star now you're hotter than you ever been

[Repeat Bridge]
[Repeat Chorus]

I'm the survivor, even denier


  • Written by: Boy George / Amanda Ghost

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