I like it
Nu nu di di di ty (let me let me see)

Hang your coat up, hang your coat up
Lock the doors up, lock the doors up

Let the steam rise dim the spotlights (alright)
Alright (alright), are you ready to let it go tonight? (tonight)

Do your own thing with your own thing
Sh-shake your hip bones get 'em full swing
Ooh ooh, guess who is watching now?
Look-looking, looking wow

Flash it in fashion with me
Skin to skin, body to body
Dare to bare, let me let me see

Nu nu di di di ty

Time to strip down, time to strip down
Just pop a zipper for me and work that thing out
Just expose it 'cause you know it's, alright (alright)
Are you ready to let it go tonight? (tonight)

Let it go, here we go
Just let it slip and slide
That's right, here we go
One button at a time
Who cares who sees tonight?
Look-looking, looking wow

[Repeat Chorus]

[Random Effects]

[Repeat Chorus]

Nu nu di di di ty
Nu nu di di di ty

[Spoken in Japanese]
Do itashi mashite


  • Written by: Karen Poole / Christian Karlsson / Pontus Winnberg
  • Produced by: Bloodshy & Avant

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