All I See

[Rap Version]
I see you watching me, watching you...
(Watching me)
She's sporting the C by Chloe
Her friends try to pull her away but she's nosy (she's nosy)
She staring at me like she knows me (she knows me)
I'm letting my people see closely (closely)
To the dancefloor for a dance or two (oh)
Ain't a question that I ain't got the answer to (no)
If it's I who you want to give your chances to
Then we gotta make it last like cameras do

[Non-rap version]
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh

Weekend has arrived
Everybody's trying to find something to get into
My friends wanna go out
But I can't cancel my plans
Got a date and my baby's picking me up
So I'm gonna catch up with you, some other day
Gotta go, can't make him wait tonight

Had to make sure I'm looking hot
'Cos we're going to our favourite spot
'Till the morning we're gonna rock
Boy you knock me out, yeah

My baby
Doesn't matter what's going on or who's around us
All I see is you
Right now they're playing our song
Dancefloor is ours
All I see is you
The DJ's got me feeling like I did when I first met you
And there's nothing that can break us apart in two
'Cos all I see is you

I get asked anytime when I'm looking in your eyes
And we're body to body
I don't want you to rush 'cos you're feeling like heaven to me
Follow the rhythm and keep it real close
In the dark everything goes
Is it better in the dark?
Don't stop baby 'cos we've just begun

[Repeat Bridge]
[Repeat Chorus]

Oh, oh, oh
Please don't let me go, oh, oh
My love for you's growing
More and more and more
As we move across the floor...
[Rap Version: You know my name? It's on this record right?]
'Cos all I see is you
[Rap Version: Yo, Hitch!]
'Cos all I see is you

[Rap Version]
This record got me feeling like Stevie Wonder
But I do got a question though
What are eyes? (eyes)
Something to see with? (yeah)
But eyes can be self-deceiving (I know)
If lies ain't what we believe in (What?)
Then why am I even breathing? (Why?)
And why can't I stop the thievin'? (Why?)
And, no, I won't stop the cheatin'...
Some of y'all like dem - be a demon
But let me share witchall the meanin' (oh)
I mean I'd rather lie with the one I'm needing (oh)
Steal a heart for my own selfish reasons (oh)
Cheat death - won't stop my heart from beatin' (beatin')
On the dancefloor, that's the part where the beat ends (ah)
But not where we end, 'cos this is love
I might change her name, "I'm the Mrs. of"...
It's new to me, like a visitor
Pick a date / M.O. you can fit this glove

[Non-rap version] DJ spin my record again

[Repeat Chorus twice]


  • Written by: Jonas Jeberg / Mich Hedin Hansen / Edwin Serano / Raymond Calhoun
  • Produced by: Jonas Jeberg & Cutfather

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