I Talk Too Much

All lyrics sung by Just Jack unless otherwise stated. All backing vocals in brackets are sung/spoken by Kylie.

[Kylie] You talk too much

Sometimes I don't say the right things to make you love me even more than you do
Though I try, I just can't apologize for all the things I'm putting you through

I talk too much
And that's why I'm doing in your head (tonight)
We talk too much (you talk too much)
Some things are better left unsaid (that's right)

My evil tongue
Does seem to run
With a mind of its own (it’s got a mind of its own)
I must be cursed
I always make it worse
You may as well just take me home

[Repeat Chorus]

(Mmm, yeah)

Well I know that you've been through it and you have your scars
All the women are from Venus and the men from Mars
I could tell you everytime I admit the charge (so wrong)
Last thing I want to do is to cause you grief
When I hide your clean soul from the dark beneath
When it comes to the feeling I can make this brief (so strong)

(Yeah, yeah)

Below the horizon suns dip
We're playing our hand with one chip
How could we think we had so little to lose?

And in the flights of fireflies
There is a pattern recognised
How could we think we had so little to lose?

[Kylie & Just Jack - Repeat Chorus]

And the breath you waste
Just to fill the space
Is a bitter taste
In my mouth everytime
And yes at best
You're self-obsessed
If you give me more
But you give me less, and less

[Repeat Rap]

She says
[Kylie] I know you know what you do but you still keep doing it


  • Written by: Jack Allsopp / Ali Williams

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