You're asking yourself what's real
What to do with these feelings
That you have inside, surreal
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

When you look deep into the pockets of the universe

You never know what you'll find
Because stars don't shine in singular places
Open up your mind's eye and
Light up familiar faces
Because in time
You'll find life and all of its races
So open up your mind's eye and
Go tonight, begin to feel the light

How do we know the truth
Gotta look to the root
Inside the meaning of life for you
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

[Repeat Bridge and Chorus]

Stars don't shine
[Repeat 5 times]

[Repeat Chorus]

Go tonight...
In singular places...
Go tonight...


  • Written by: Kylie Minogue / Richard "Biff" Stannard / Paul Harris / Julian Peake
  • Produced by: Richard 'Biff' Stannard

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