By every word that you say
You got me messed up
But I like it that way
Just to good to refuse
When I try to stop ya
You keep blowing my fuse

Can't deny how hot I'm feeling
If my body could fly I'd hit the ceiling, 'cos I

Can't hold back, I know that I've tried
Baby you trip the switch and I'm sensitized
Every touch, whatever you do
Baby you trip the switch, I turn on for you, I turn on for you

By all the pleasure and pain
Boy ya got that something
That burns a spark to a flame
Look at me
You've got me begging for more
'Cos ya got that one thing
I ain't discovered before

Can't deny how rude I'm feeling
If my body could talk, you'd hear me screaming

[Repeat Chorus]

I'm sensitized tonight
And you can watch me come alive
[Repeat 2 more times]
I'm sensitized tonight
I'm sensitized tonight

[Repeat Chorus twice]

I come alive
Baby you know it's true, I feel this for you

Ah, ah etc.

I come alive
Ah, ah
[Repeat to fade]


  • Written by: Guy Chambers / Cathy Dennis / Serge Gainsbourg
  • Produced by: Guy Chambers and Cathy Dennis

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