The Magic Roundabout

The birds and the bees are all singing to me
Tell me what you see
The beautiful sky always making us happy
Yeah, it's gonna be
A wonderful trip to wherever it takes us
Together you and me
A magical feeling
Are we dreaming?

I'm flying high up in the sky
Can you see?
The sun is shining
These are good times

The Magic Roundabout
All friends together now
Come on and take a trip
'Cause it's alright
So join in with the fun
The ride has just begun
We're never coming down
We're spinning round and round
On the Magic Roundabout
The Magic Roundabout
The Magic Roundabout

Off on an adventure, we're coming to getcha
Wherever that may be
Won't let anything come here and upset ya
Gonna set you free
Whatever happens along the way, it's gonna be fine, oh yeah
Leave the worries behind
I love this feeling

[Repeat Chorus]
[Repeat Bridge]
[Repeat Chorus twice to fade]


  • Written by: Andrea Remanda / Michael Harwood / Nicholas Keynes / Jon Omahony

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