Made of Glass

It wasn't always like this
It wasn't always so
We did it in the darkness
We did it in the cold

Caught in a fairly
world, it's emotional
Where talking is rarely
that necessary
And time doesn't count at all

Bohemian boys and Brazilian girls
A familiar noise in a familiar world
It's like a million beats in a Parisian heart
(They're made of glass)
From the boy in the west to the girl in the the east
They'll be working a sweat in the name of the beast
Where rebellion stops and oblivion starts
(They're made of glass)

Love makes the world go round
I hold it in my hands
But it slips away
(And I watch it fade)
Love is a mystery
I hear it talk to me
But the words are strange
(Like it knows my name)

[Repeat Chorus]

It wasn't always easy
It wasn't always fun
We interwine niaively
But in the end we're one

[Repeat Bridge]
[Repeat Chorus twice with Whispered section in background]
[Repeat Whispered section twice]


  • Written by: Kylie Minogue / Miranda Cooper / Brian Higgins / Lisa Cowling / Tim Powell / Matt Gray
  • Produced by: Brian Higgins & Xenomania

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