I Know

I feel the rush, rush
Are we coming to the edge of a waterfall?
Is it your touch, touch?
I can see it in your eyes that you want it all

[Bridge 1]
Can I give you everything that you'll ever need?
Ooh forever starts right now
Like a wind at a sail driving on a sea
Only you can show me how

You can tell me now
That I'm never coming down
I know, I know
You can show me light
When we sleep at night
I know, I know
This river runs deep
And the moon glides by
And the mountains lay wet with snow
And your love comes back like a faithful tide
Teaching everything I know

Woh-ooh-oh-oh, Woh-ooh-oh-oh

Is it too much, much?
Because it's written in the skies who we really are
Am I in love, love?
Deeper is the dark brightest shining stars

[Bridge 2]
Can we be everything that we wanna be?
Ooh never let this die
Feel the wave of your kiss washing over me
Only you can get me high

[Repeat Chorus]

Woh-ooh-oh-oh, Woh-ooh-oh-oh

[Repeat to fade]


  • Written by: Kylie Minogue / Scott Hoffman / Jason Sellards
  • Produced by: Jake Shears & Babydaddy

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