We Know The Meaning Of Love

We may be young, are you too old to listen?
We could be wrong but that's our decision
We may not have experience or vision
But we can learn from your mistakes

We may not know the question or solution
When I'm calling for the revolution
We'll never fight all the bitterness and hatred
Ask yourself, why were we created?

[Bridge 1]
We may not have the future clear
We may not know the answer here

But we know the meaning of love
And we know there's never enough

We break the rules, some rules were meant for breaking
They say we're crazy 'bout the risk we're taking
We may not see the consequence of what we're doin'
But that's okay, we just keep on movin'

[Bridge 2]
We could be wrong but that's all right
We may not know the question why

[Repeat Chorus twice]

Never, never, never

[Repeat Bridge 1]
[Repeat Chorus three times to fade]


  • Written by: Stock / Aitken / Waterman
  • Produced by: Stock / Aitken / Waterman

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