Under the Influence of Love

Walking on a cloud, feeling high
It happens every time, whenever I'm with my guy
Trippin' on love and it feels so good
I can't help myself and I wouldn't if I could

But he's got that certain touch
That I'm addicted to
Love's really got a hold on me
And there's nothing that I can do

(Oh I) I'm under the influence of love
And I know there ain't no doubt about it
(Oh I) I'm under the influence of love
And I know I just can't live without it

Need another dose, can't get enough
I just got to have all of my baby's love
And when I'm alone, feeling sad and blue
He gives me a shot of love, and I'm as good as new

Helpless as I am
And still I don't care
His tenderness is what I miss
Whenever he's not here

[Repeat Chorus]

There just ain't no-one else
Who can bring out the love in me
So many guys have tried
They've tried to get to my eyes
But he's the only one I see

[Repeat Chorus to fade]


  • Written by: Paul Politi / Barry Eugene White
  • Produced by: Richard 'Biff' Stannard & Julian Gallagher for Biffco Productions

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