(Come on, come on) Ooh yeah, ooh ah
Ooh oh

Come to me
And I'll surrender my love to you
Give in to your dreams
And remember my love is true

Come, we'll explore
Forbidden passions, together

Oh, baby
I surrender my love, to you (surrender)
Oh, baby
Just remember my love, is true (surrender)

[Spoken] Just remember, just remember

Time is right
To be together my love with you (surrender)
Not just for one night
But forever (surrender)

Come, take my hand
Let me show you, everything

[Repeat Chorus]
[Repeat Chorus with ad-libs]

Oh, hold me close
And we can ride, together
Oh, you and I, lust to love
Magic moments, forever
Come to me, come, come, come to
me (surrender)
Come to me, come, come, come to me baby (surrender my love, surrender)

[Repeat Chorus three times with ad-libs to fade]


  • Written by: Gerry DeVeaux / Charlie Mole
  • Produced by: Gerry DeVeaux for Devox Ltd. and John Waddell

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