Say the Word - I'll Be There

[Verse 1a]
Ooh, in the dead of night
Adrift on the ocean wide
High on the mountain side
You can count on me
[Verse 1b]
If you're deep in the jungle, boy
Caught in a winter storm
Kidnapped by anyone
I'll set you free

Say the word, I'll be there
To give you love and care
There's nothing that I wouldn't do
(Do for you)
Say the word, I'll be there
I'll reach you anywhere
Nothing can keep me away from you

[Verse 2a]
If you're lost in the wilderness
Can't tell the east from west
Just feeling second best
I won't let you down
[Verse 2b]
When night comes around again
And you're without a friend
I'm yours till the very end
I'll come around

[Repeat Chorus]

[Repeat Verse 1b]
[Repeat Chorus]

[Repeat Chorus twice]


  • Written by: Stock / Waterman / Minogue
  • Produced by: Stock / Waterman

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