Never Too Late

(Never too late)

[Verse 1]
Why can't you see that I'm still mad about you?
Even though I've found out about you
I'll always stay forever true

[Bridge 1]
And in my heart I will forgive you
I've got so much love to give you

It's never too late, we've still got time
It's never too late, you can still be mine
It's never too late to change your mind

[Verse 2]
Why can't you try and be a man about it?
And if you stop and think about it
You just can't keep walking out on me

[Bridge 2]
And even if it takes forever
Your love's better late than never

[Repeat Chorus]

It's never too late
It's never too late
It's never too late to change your mind

Though I try, I can never put you from my mind
You just creep right back inside
And there's no place I can hide, ooh

[Repeat Bridge 1]
[Repeat Chorus three times to fade]


  • Written by: Stock / Aitken / Waterman
  • Produced by: Stock / Aitken / Waterman

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