Never Spoken

I know I've said too much
Confessing to my love
I was caught up in the moment
Should have tried to keep my cool
But I tried to bend the rules
In any case you would have known it

[Bridge 1]
By the way that I've
Been looking at you
You can tell that I am gone, gone, gone

Sometimes I wish I'd never spoken
Honesty can be too open
It's not what I was hoping for
I didn't mean to open up that door
I wish I'd never spoken

It was going oh so well
Still could be I can't tell
Now I don't know what you're thinking
Those three little words
Were they ready to be heard?
Should my heart fly or be sinking?

[Bridge 2]
Well I've said it now
My feelings out loud
But I don't want you to be gone, gone, gone

[Repeat Chorus]

How long do you wait
To say I love you?
How long do I look in your eyes?
How long does it take
To say I love you?
When's the right time?

[Repeat Chorus three times to fade]


  • Written by: Kylie Minogue / Steve Anderson

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