Love Takes Over Me

I am lost
In the world of you
Can't believe
Where you take me to

As soon as you enter my mind
Or you crawl over my skin
Leave me no other choice
But to let you in

Love takes over me (I can feel it)
'Cos your love takes over me (I can see it)
Oh, your love takes over me (I can taste it)
Yeah, your love takes over me (I can be it)

Hmm, hmm

Take, take me now
I can't take no more
Feel me breathe
Feel the energy

How did I fall prey to this?
Pleasure is my lonely guide
Yeah I escaped despite of you
Now that you're inside

[Repeat Chorus]

Magic is
Running through my veins
Pleasure is
Coming close to pain

So, hurt with me now
So I wont hurt no more
Hear me scream
Hear my suffering

[Repeat Chorus twice]


  • Written by: Kylie Minogue / Steve Anderson / David Seaman
  • Produced by: Brothers in Rhythm for DMC

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