Love Is Waiting

Yeah, yeah, yeah

Now we're looking on and finding
Things are looking up
My life is moving on
Onto better than the love, hmm

'Cause I'm feelin' fine
And love is, love is hard to find
It's suddenly a game
And you won this heart of mine

I never believe it
After all that I've been through
So good to receive it
All alone then I found you

Love is waiting (love is waiting)
And this time I'm taking it all (this time)
So amazing (so amazing)
I don't need a reason to fall (no, no, no)

You know every day, you see it
Love is burning out
And I just have to say
That's the way it's turning now

Well, it's plain to see, baby
What you do to me
What used to be a dream
Is now everything that's on me, yeah

[Repeat Bridge]
[Repeat Chorus twice]

(Moving on) Moving on, moving on baby
(Moving on) Moving on, moving on
(Looking on) Looking on, looking on baby
(Looking on) Looking on, looking on

[Repeat Bridge]
[Repeat Chorus four times]


  • Written by: Mike Percy / Tim Lever / Tracy Ackerman
  • Produced by: Brothers in Rhythm for DMC

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