About the 2014 changes

The past few years have shown a huge increase in the number of people using devices other than desktop and laptop computers to access the web. The latest changes are about ensuring that everyone who visits the site gets an optimum experience.

Mobile/Tablet Friendly
The main reason for the re-design was to provide an optimised experience for people visiting on a mobile phone or similar small device. Pages are displayed at full screen width with a standard collapsible menu system at the top of the screen. There is also an optimised portrait tablet version.
New Layout
The menu has been moved from a sidebar to the top of the screen, providing a larger width for the main content of the site. The menu bar is fixed in position to provide easy access to other sections, wherever you have scrolled to on the page.
New Design
New fonts and icons give a more consistent experience across all devices, and a new home page highlights key content more effectively.
Bug Fixes
Along the way, I've fixed various bugs in the system (with probably many more still to be found!). This includes updating some of the YouTube links (although some invalid links still remain for now).
Links to Spotify alongside embedded audio players on the discography pages.

There are more changes still to come, particularly in how the My Collection service works. These changes will appear in the coming months.

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